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From The Desk Of The National Association Of University Students NAPS


The speech presented by the president, national association of university on 6th December, 2018 at the students national conference 2018 holding at the international conference center, institute of management and technology, Enugu state, Nigeria.

It is with great sense of pleasure that the National Association of Polytechnic Students collaborated with the National Association of University Students to organize this conference in order to evaluate and proffer solution to problems facing education in Nigeria and Africa. My high sense of happiness was created when you all honored our invitation to grace this occasion at a time quality education has become more rare. The theme: Modalities on the Actualization of the UN Sustainable Goals on Education is pertinent to this period because there is need to constantly review existing modalities. We are all aware of the drive to ensuring free, compulsory and qualitative education in Nigeria. Yet, commitment towards its actualization remains underpaid.

The UN Sustainable Goal on Education is the provision of quality education. Quality education is important as education itself and we must not only provide it but also sustain policies that support it.

These are the few modalities I think should be adopted:


Education in Nigeria is underfunded and this account for poor state of learning environment, penurious tutors/teachers, low level of intellectuals capable of solving immediate issues, high rate of dropouts and underdevelopment. If the aforementioned problems must be addressed, education should have more budgetary vote.

Qualify teachers are required to impact good knowledge. These teachers are no longer available as expected. People who have access to education do not obtain quality education. This menace should be fixed.

   Adequate monitoring of policies and programmes should be in place. School feeding programme in Nigeria is good but it is not being properly monitored. There are reports of children not being fed well. Some members of the public have even criticized the programme. On this note, I will like to call on the federal Government of Nigeria to do the needful and hasten up to save education in our dear country for the actualization of our dreams to make this nation a developed one.

I therefore conclude that, all persons and associations have roles to play in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals on education. I am pleased NAUS is demonstrating this already.

Kasimu Abdullahi Idrisu,

NAUS National President.

Part of the event was the face of SUG Nigeria beauty contests

Miss Eluwa Gift of abia state polytechnic emerged as the winner and the most prestigious students. Miss Vivian Ojimmadu of Bauchi state polytechnic, emerged first runner up, while Miss Odah blessing of University of Agriculture, Makurdi, the second runner up.

The event was well attended by students from Enugu state, though, only few students Union president were able to make it to the conference because of the ASUU strike.
Some dignitaries in the occasion include the most students friendly commissioner of police Enugu state, S.S.A on students matters to Enugu state government, deputy Rector of ken saro wiwa polytechnic. Students leaders present including joint campus committee, chairman NANS Enugu state, secretary NANS zone B. SUG president, federal university of lafia.
Bauchi polytechnic


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